Eve grew up in the Da-re salaam city of Tanzania. Having lived there for 21 years, prior to living in Kampala and now Entebbe, she is very much Ugandan at heart and will always consider Uganda to be her home. Eve’s first safari experience was in Zanzibar at the age of 16, and ever since then, travel has been a true passion of Eve. Having lived on two different continents and traveled to so many different places all over Africa, Eve’s love for new people and places remains constant.

Eve has been planning trips for people all over Africa for almost a decade and there is nothing that excites her more than clients who return home happy and feeling like they have had a life-changing experience. Family Safaris, multi-generational group trips, honeymoons, foodie trips, wildlife safari ultimate adrenaline-packed trips – you name it, she has planned it!

As a mom of little ones, an adventure seeker and world traveler, she feels she is equipped to understand the travel needs of people from all walks of life – whatever your travel goals, Eve is confident she can meet them!

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