Sempaya Hot Springs and Community Visit


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Sempaya Hot Springs and Community Visit

Your guide will pick you from a hotel in fort portal and drive you to Semuliki national park with beautiful views on the backdrop of Rwenzori Mountains and Semuliki rift valley to Sempaya hot springs which are the most attention-grabbing attractions in Semuliki. These springs have a geyser that shoots up from the 8 meters’ hole, and the water is at a high temperature of 103 degrees. The most interesting part about the springs is that there is a male and a female hot springs as our guide will be explaining to you the legendary history behind and be prepared to exercise your expertise in cooking by preparing your own breakfast containing matooke and eggs in the springs and they can get ready for eating in a few minutes this is a life time experience to have. This is the largest hot spring in Uganda,

Still along the trail where the hot springs are located you will expect to see a number of birds such as the Blue breasted Kingfisher and various primates such as the red tailed monkeys, and the grey cheeked Mangabey. Later proceed to Bundibugyo town for lunch before visiting the local community where you will visit cocoa and vanilla farms, interact with farmers, pass by palm oil production sites for the local community. Later, afternoon drive back to fort portal.

End of tour

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