Stretch your mind and soul on a transformative journey…

As a child, Rose’s worldview was shaped on her family trips around the world. With roots in Uganda and having traversed continents, she learnt early to be open to what the world can offer and to look beyond her environment and comfort zone. Rose has spent her life doing just that—pushing boundaries, trying new things, and appreciating the uniqueness in each culture yet identifying what unites people universally as well.

She made a choice to follow a path that has led her to our doorstep. She chose to pursue a career in travel hoping to bring the joy she has found in her travels to others. Over time, she has cultivated an impressive career with innovations in corporate and leisure travel. A woman of action, she decided to change things instead of complaining about how they were being done. Trip designing with Rose incorporates all those traits as well as her absolute love for the infinite possibilities of travel, a humanitarian connection, and overall wellness. If you are looking for a life-changing journey to Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda or DR Congo let Rose craft one for you! We promise the planning of the journey will be as beautiful as the journey you take in the destination itself.

Rose says..

Why Worthwhile Safaris?…I fell in love with the philosophy of Worthwhile Safaris. It resonates with everything that I hold true for myself; being authentic, mindful, caring, kind, and daring.

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