A native Ugandan, He followed his dream of sharing the Africa he loves with others and founded Worthwhile Africa Safaris in 2014.

Growing up in Africa, some of his favorite memories include Chimpanzee trekking in Kibale National Park where he looked direct in a Chimp’s eyes and stayed with them for one hour as they were grooming each other, this was unbelievable experience.

Simon is still a part of every Worthwhile Africa Safaris’ trips and can often be found adding final little touches to an itinerary.

He ensures that all his Safari specialists incorporate a taste of the wild Africa he knew as a child. This is one of many aspects that make Worthwhile Safaris so unique.

A great travel company keeps a finger on the pulse of destinations and he spends several months of every year traveling, building those relationships and keeping up to date.

“Every day we are inspired to show the incredible beauty of this world to our travelers. I work with such an amazing team, not a day passes where I don’t feel blessed to be surrounded by all these wonderful professionals who share my passion for travel.”

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