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Worthwhile Africa Safaris ltd (WAS) is a forefront of all African safaris to the areas distributed vertically and horizontally across the landscape that fulfill the needs of specific wildlife species for the basic requirements of food, water, reproduction, protection against predators and competitors. Also works to preserve local cultures, conserve the natural environment, improve the wellbeing of local communities and provide places for relaxation outdoor creation.

You like to travel for wildlife spotting, photographing and filming, experience adventures, make your holiday, honeymoon, improve on your health, educational purposes, business purposes, prestigious purposes, volunteering, visiting friends and relatives, taste local delicacies or immerse yourself in African cultures?  Or, all of the above.

Worthwhile Africa safaris will lead you to unique, unforgettable, and magical journeys that will spark your imagination, perfect your experience to match your tastes and desires. We have even dreamed up different covers to reflect the endless possibilities Africa offers and some you didn`t know existed. “Our tailor-made itineraries are as unique as each traveler”.                                                                           Our fantastic brochures are truly a one-stop shop for every type of adventure you have ever dreamed of. We are specialized in tours to ultimate Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, and Tanzania, and they have all the ingredients of a safari masterpiece including excellent wildlife viewing opportunities, several heritage sites, a ride above the plains in hot air balloons, conservation experience, and even a rewarding environmental contribution you will ever make. Take a trip with us, make memories and stories to tell back home.

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To be the leader in hand crafted safari vacations by providing quality, creative, innovative, competitive and socially responsible services in the region. 


To create unique, socially responsible travel experiences and providing services beyond client’s expectations.

Core values


Worthwhile Africa safaris is committed to high ethical standards in its delivery of services. Excellence will enhance the quality of WAS’s products and services and position the company in a leading position.


All Worthwhile Africa Safaris personnel are expected to be truthful, reliable and accountable for their actions.

Team Work:

Collective understanding of the strategy, sharing of responsibilities and mutual support to each other in implementing planned actions.

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