Worthwhile Africa Safaris ltd was established in 2014 by experienced local guides Simon and Dan based in Uganda with the purposes of preserving local cultures, conserving the natural environment, improving well-being of local communities, and providing places for outdoor recreation. After studying tourism, we realized that there is much effort needed to maintain the beauty and wonders of our natural world. Most importantly, we saw an opportunity to fix those issues. We set out to do just that! Worthwhile Africa Safaris ltd was born.

On the well-being of the local communities front, Worthwhile Africa Safaris always get a 15% from the profits we get from safaris made and donate to orphan children supporting them stay in school and we help local women develop skills in basket making, Fish farming, beekeeping, poultry, binding exercise books, fashion designing, and trades to support themselves and their children. Simon also teaches basket making and co-runs the homestay in Kyaninga a small village near Fort Portal Tourism City Uganda.



Here are some of the women who benefit from Simon’s basket making workshops andChildren who are supported to stay in school.

You too can change life

Even with the little that you have, there are opportunities for you to make a permanent change in someone’s life through some of the Outreach Projects. Families and communities have always been the foundation of a country and development. When families and communities flourish, the nation also flourishes. You can never assess the country’s level of development from the good buildings in the cities or the nice roads but on the level of community development, happiness or standard of living of families.

Sponsor a child

You can change someone’s life by offering financial assistance through sponsoring a child in school. There are children, especially Orphans who cannot afford school fees or even scholastic materials to push them through school.  Any little help you offer has a tremendous impact on the child’s life and future. Sponsorship involves paying school fees or even offering scholastic materials such as books, pens, pencils, shoes and beddings among others. Partner with us to support them. 

Offering your time

You may not have the financial assistance to offer yet you are willing to help and change someone’s life. Therefore, you can personally get involved in volunteering with Worthwhile Africa Safaris. You can offer and gain experience in childcare, recreational activities (Sports, Music, Dance and Drama), community development, healthcare, environment conservation and teaching among others, and volunteering can be done as either an individual or as a team.

Empowerment of the rural women

In most rural areas, it is mainly the women to cater for the basic needs of the family as majority of their husbands are either drunkards or polygamists. However, if these women are given an opportunity to earn their own income, it not only transforms their families but the nation at large since their standard of living also improves. It is for this reason that the women have to be equipped with sustainable income generating activities and entrepreneurial skills that provide them with positive choices for themselves and their families in the areas of economic development, education and health care among others. For more information about some of the outreach programs and how to get involved, you can contact this Company and you will be able to bring a smile on someone’s face.

In conclusion, there is nothing more fulfilling than giving and making a difference in the lives of people in a community, yet giving and changing someone’s life is not about making a donation but making a difference in someone’s life. Therefore, you can involve in any of the outreach programs while on a Uganda Safari and make a difference.

When you give, you change lives, families and whole communities!

Every gift you give helps a child thrive, brings hope to a family and rebuilds a community.

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