Kenya is known for her amazing tourism destinations and producing some of the fastest runners in the world, the Republic of Kenya is one fascinating country. Kenya covers an area of about 224,081 square miles and is bordered by Uganda to the West, South Sudan to the northwest, Somali to the East, Ethiopia to the North, Tanzania to south and the Indian Ocean to the southeast. The country gets its name from the second highest mountain in Africa – Mount Kenya. Kenya has a population of about 50 million people and is made up of about 47 counties – each led by an elected governor. The capital is Nairobi but the Mombasa is the oldest city. Other newer cities include Nakuru, Kisumu and Eldoret. Kenya is the second largest country in East Africa. The Great East African Rift Valley divides the country into two creating mountains and other amazing physical features. A large part of the country is semi-arid but the country has hundreds of rivers and lakes including the second largest fresh water lake in the world – Lake Victoria. Other important landmarks include Mount Kenya and of course the Indian Ocean.

Kenya has 42 different tribal groups, each with their own traditions and culture. Swahili is the most wildly spoken language among all the tribes hence a major unifying factor. Of all the tribal groups, the Things to see in Kenya Masai are the most famous and known – thanks to their reputation as great warriors living close to major national parks. Other major ethnic groups in Kenya are the Kikuyu, Kalenjin and the Luo (The tribe of Obama’s Dad).

Kenya has the largest economy in East Africa. Agriculture is the largest economic sector with coffee and tea as the main cash crops. Tourism follows closely after agriculture in terms of importance. The government of Kenya has not only marketed the country as a leading destination for the classic African Safari but also developed the tourism infrastructure to international standards. The responsibility of marketing and managing most aspects of the tourism industry rests with the Kenya Tourism Board. Activities in Kenya International travelers find Kenya an amazing destination because of the diversity in what it offers. The diversity includes the great wildebeest migration, the majestic flamingos in Lake Nakuru, the elephants of Amboseli National Park, the beautiful beaches of Mombasa, ancient mosques, the East African Rift Valley, mountains and amazing cultural encounters with tribes like the Masai, Samburu and Kikuyu.  Kenya has over 55 national parks, game reserves and sanctuaries. Many who visit the country fall in love with the incredible beauty and have decided to stay permanently. Although this article focuses on Kenya, you can also read about the things to do in Uganda or the attractions in Mombasa.

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