7 Days Uganda Adventurous Safari


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7 Days Uganda Adventurous Safari

The safari combines both mid-range and luxury accommodation basing on your preference. According to CNN Kidepo Valley National Park is among the finest parks in Africa; you will find rocky outcrops in the grassy plains surpassed by steep rough mountains extending from Southern Sudan and to the west as you will have a view downwards into the Turkana plains of Kenya.

Very few people visit this park, but the few that visit are certainly rewarded by the splendor of this place. As many perceive the park to be Wild Africa, this unspoiled Kidepo valley has an abundance of wildlife including several uncommon bird species.

Day 1: Kidepo Wildlife Safari

Leave Kampala by 6:30am and drive north for Kitgum town; this drive will take the entire day so you will have lunch on the way accompanied by 2 sodas or a beer. You will be provided with bottled drinking water in the vehicle. You will make several stops to take photos and a leg-stretch on this long 8 hours’ drive.

This Park has remained pristine mainly because of its distant location. You will reach Fugley’s Guest House a clean comfortable facility with nice food it has a swimming pool and an ideal place to have a night’s slumber before proceeding to the Kidepo Valley National Park the following day. The accommodation is basic, the food, cold beverages, swimming pool and the welcome will certainly make your stay very enjoyable. Dine at Fugley’s in Kitgum.

Day 2: Adventure safari at Kidepo

After an early Breakfast you continue with the drive to Kidepo Valley Park where you will arrive in time for time for lunch. The drive takes you through a terrain very different from the rest of Uganda. Check in at the lodge of your choice. Rest the whole evening and have dinner and spend a night.

Accommodation options; Apoka safari lodge(luxury)/Nga moru wilderness camp(Mid-range)

Meal Plan; Full Board

Day 3: explore Karamojong Culture and community safari

After a wonderful breakfast, you will set off for to check out the terrain and wildlife in this very remote part of Uganda whereby you will go for a fascinating game drive in the Savannah grasslands, the dry river bed, hills and small forests. Animals like buffaloes, elephants, warthogs, lions, cheetahs as well as birds will be seen, plants plus trees will stun you as you will keep wondering how they have managed to survive in semi-arid part of the country.

You will also drive to the Karankorog Hot Springs seeing several wild animals on the way. Each game drive will be very unique though you take the exact same route two times, there will always a new thing to see and find. The birds, scenery and animals, will surprise you and we recommend that you have your camera near so as to take all the good shots.

Have Lunch at your Lodge and after leave for a cultural experience with the Karamajong people culture; they are a people proud of their native culture. Their great love for rearing cattle is matched to that of the renowned Maasai people in Kenya as well as Tanzania.

These proud warriors live a very unique lifestyle and in fact they believe that God gave them the right to own cattle so all that cattle even that owned by other people, the Karamajongs believe is theirs. You will observe their lifestyle, how they cook their food, see them enjoy life; dance their traditional dances, and also their compassion for the cattle.

Head back and have dinner and overnight at the Lodge. Enjoy another night with the only sounds of this African wilderness in Kidepo Valley National Park.

Accommodation options; Apoka safari lodge(luxury)/Nga moru wilderness camp (Mid-range)

Meal Plan; Full Board

Day 4:  enjoy a Guided Nature walk

Have another delightful breakfast listening to the beautiful melodies of birds singing up in the trees. Enjoy the nice breakfast well-prepared for only you, after set out for a guided nature walk where you will have proof of how it feels to be in the wilderness only surrounded by wildlife, savannah grasslands and a few small forests.

Return to the Lodge for lunch and after have a game drive in the afternoon to explore this wonderful, remote park rich in wildlife plus a profusion of bird species. This will give you an opportunity to view the wildlife up close while in your safari vehicle. This is among the highlights in this park.

Accommodation options; Apoka safari lodge(luxury)/Nga moru wilderness camp (Mid-range) Meal Plan; Full Board

Day 5: Sipi Falls safari

After breakfast you will leave for Sipi Falls having lunch on the way and later in the afternoon arrive at the Sipi Falls Lodge overlooking the beautiful Sipi Falls, the lodge is a high-class realistically priced lodge offering excellent food plus breathtaking views; it is a wonderful place to unwind and absorb the beautiful views of the nearby falls and the rest of the scenery. Have dinner and overnight.

Meal Plan; Dinner

Accommodation lacam lodge

Day 6: Mt Elgon trek (Mountain Biking, Guided Nature walks)

After breakfast drive to Mountain Elgon where among the choices of activities to enjoy will be Mountain Biking along the Mount Elgon National Park trail and guided nature walks in accordance to your physical fitness, Para-Gliding as well as birding.

These activities may be enjoyed through the entire day as you set out with a packed picnic lunch which you will enjoy in the Mountains. The mountain has different vegetation zone which are all very stunning and worth viewing. However, you can enjoy wonderful views of the scenery right from the comfort of your private verandah or your bathtub outdoor, however, the best way to view the wildlife up-close is on foot.

Meal Plan; Full Board

Day 7: Sipi Trail

After Breakfast you will have a morning nature walk to Sipi Falls plus also visit some various caves here below and at the back the falls. This is a very unique combination of the local culture, the beautiful scenery, the early morning rising sun as well as the numerous colorful birds. Have Lunch and return to Kampala where you will arrive in the late afternoon.

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